Jagadish C Pokharel

Jagadish C Pokharel

Ph D; MURP; B Arch; Member of the Governing Board (Institutional Representative), Community of Evaluators – South Asia

Dr Pokharel, a national of Nepal has been trained in regional planning, and represents the Community of Evaluators, Nepal in CoE SA as an Institutional Member.

Dr Pokharel has held several high level public positions in Nepal. He was two-term Vice Chairperson of the National Planning Commission (NPC) of Nepal from 2010-2013 and 2006-2008 and a member of NPC from 1997-2002. As the Vice-Chair of NPC he led the design of Nepal’s national development plan for post conflict reconstruction and development, and helped to institutionalize a Monitoring and Evaluation system in the public sector in Nepal.

He was also the Vice Chairperson of the High Level Committee on Least Developed Countries. He has led and participated in various national delegations to international fora including the UN General Assembly, ESCAP, SAARC Ministerial meetings, World Mountain Summit, and the Sustainable Development Summit in Johannesburg. Dr Pokharel is an active researcher and evaluator, and brings vast experience in organizational leadership.

Email: jagadish@pokharel.net