CoE Technical Task Teams

Following a dynamic meeting of the CoE members in Kathmandu on 2 March 2013 (CoE-meeting-2nd-March.pdf), four Tecncial Task Teams were identified to drive forward the CoE activities. These Task Teams will move the CoE towards achieving its goal of promoting and enhancing the quality and theory of Evaluation in South Asia, and contributing globally, particularly from a South Asian perspective.

The Task Teams and their broad goals are provided below. For further information on each Task Team, click on the Task Team's name:

Task Team Goal
Knowledge Building and Management To capture, process, store, access, and use knowledge on Evaluation through research and documentation, forums, and platforms.
Institutional Strengthening To strengthen CoE structure, and its policies and programmes.
Building Enabling Environments Partner with Policy Makers to encourage the use of policy to strengthen development in South Asia, using a strengthened evaluation policy framework.
Creating Networks To create and maintain a strong and active network of evaluation practitioners, donors and commissioners (individual and institutions) to improve the quality and practice of evaluation in South Asia by 2015.

For a list of members, click here.