Collaborating Organisations

The Sri Lanka Evaluation Association (SLEvA) is a voluntary civil society organization established by an interested group of professionals to promote an evaluation culture as an integral element in the development process in Sri Lanka, to contribute to better management, good governance, transparency and accountability both in the Governmental and Non Governmental sectors. SLEvA is a partner of CoE.

SLEvA is working on multiple projects:
Coordinating the project Teaching Evaluation in South Asia (TESA). This is a project to institutionalise Evaluation training in south Asian academic institutions in collaboration with IDRC.

Collaboration with the Foreign Aid and Budget Monitoring Department to strengthen the evaluation function of the Government.

Evaluation training. SLEvA training plan includes 3 training programmes. Theory-based Evaluation - held on 21 February 2011 Empowerment Evaluation - scheduled for 31 March - 1Utilisation Focussed Evaluation - Apri

Community of Evaluators - Nepal (CoE-Nepal) is committed to increasing the quality of evaluation in Nepal by building the capacity of evaluation stakeholders and promoting the theory, practices, and use of evaluation. To promote evaluation, CoE-Nepal acts as a resource centre for evaluation knowledge-base by collecting lessons drawn from evaluations around the world, producing knowledge through research undertakings, supporting development curricula for and carrying out basic and advanced evaluation training to the stakeholders of evaluation. CoE-Nepal is registered under the laws of Nepal. The Evaluation Conclave in 2013 is being organised in collaboration with CoE Nepal.

The founding of Community of Evaluators - Nepal (CoE-Nepal), was inspired by the feedback received during the symposium on “The Status of Evaluation in Nepal”, held on 11th August 2010 in Kathmandu and International Evaluation Conclave in New Delhi on October 2010. CoE-Nepal is a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-partisan organization. The team comprises a pool of evaluators, development practitioners, and academicians with national and international work experience of over a decade.

CoE-Nepal is co-hosting the Evaluation Conclave, and CoE Nepal members are providing support for logistics, media, and marketing, and content finalisation.